Attribution Model– how you consider what channel gets the credit for a sale. First-Click gives credit to the channel of the first interaction. Last-Click gives credit to the last interaction before a sale. There are also averaged models.

Average Order Value– Value of orders averaged by all of your orders.

Bounce Rate– people visit one page and leave the website without visiting another. Generally undesired, but not always an important metric. It depends on if you prefer visitors explore your site more, or visit specific pages on a journey.

Click-Through Rate– Rate at which visitors click a link to visit your site.

Conversion- completed action you have identified as valuable, rather that’s a page visit, a newsletter signup, a product order, or video watched.

Cost per Acquisition- How much it costs to acquire each customer. You ideally want to keep this below your profit margin on Average Order Value.

Impressions– Number of times your ad shows up, whether or not it got clicked on. People had a chance to view it.

Keyword- a word that someone uses to find your offering. Also known as queries, search terms, or key phrases. Variation: long-tail keyword– a longer search phrase that indicates more specific intent. These typically are valuable as they’re lower competition and help attract a visitor who is closer to making a decision on converting.

Orders/Conversions- Amount of actions completed you consider an order or conversion.

Quality Score– a value score Google places on your ad. Higher quality scores determine higher placements on the google search results page. Your Ad Rank determines your placement and is a combination of your quality score and bid price. You can save money on bids by having a high quality score. Your quality score is largely determined by your click-through rate and the relevance of your landing page (destination url).

Revenue– Value of all orders.

Time on Page- How long each visitor spends on a page. Value should be weighed based on how long it takes to consume the content.

Time to Purchase- Amount of time it takes from first interaction to completing a conversion, also known as sales cycle.